Woman Ran Over by Truck, Escapes Major Injury

A woman only suffers minor injuries after she was run over by a large truck while stargazing in her grandparents front yard.

The incident took place around midnight last night in the town of Nile, about 15 miles north of Naches on a private drive called Westsiders Lane.    

Elizabeth Englund says she was listening to music at the time she was hit, and that's why she did not notice the truck attempting to turn around on the dirt road in front of the home. 

Elizabeth did speak to us today, but did not want us to show her face on camera

"I was laying down there just hitting his tire like crazy screaming, you're on me you gotta get off me. Finally he backed up, but oh God it was just so scary and i guess my fiancee and some of the neighbors they held him here and told him, youre not going anywhere, turn your car off! Obviously very drunk and he blew a .22," said Englund

The driver of the truck was arrested for DUI and vehicular assault. Enguld says she has no broken bones and is wearing a sling on her right arm for protection. That was the side of her body the truck stopped on before reversing off of her.

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