Workers Picket Memorial Hospital

Workers at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital stage an informational picket this afternoon.

Union members from SEIU are expressing concerns about working conditions for employees; they say the amount of work, and lack of employees is hampering the quality care they want to give their patients.

Workers say they want the hospital to reach an agreement with the union regarding contract negotiations in order to relieve some of the stress on employees.

"My work load hasn't necessarily changed, there's just so many people and it's so busy you can't get to everyone," said employee Chase Heiseman, "You end up cutting corners."

"SEIU and Memorial will come together, and we'll reach a mutual agreement," said Memorial's HR Director, Jolene Seda, "I believe we're close, and I look forward to further conversations."

Memorial is the largest employer in yakima, with 2,500 employees, 500 of those are with the union.

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