Workers Start Piecing Together the Carousel of Dreams

Today a group of carousel workers from Ohio along with volunteers are unloading the carts and starting to put the pieces together.

The goal is to have a fully functioning carousel in 10 days to two weeks.

Workers are putting together the center pole, the piece that the rest of the carousel revolves around.

The carousel project started in 2001 when the foundation bought 45 horses that are more than 100 years in New Mexico.

Instead of restoring the entire carousel along with the horses the board decided to buy all new parts but make them look 100 years old.

Board Chairman Eric VanWinkle said the horses were carved by Charles Carmel.

He said Carmel is thought to be one of the most premier carvers of all time.

The carousel will include 45 horses 3 chariots a cougar and a husky.

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