World War II Vet Tells Students Stories Of His Time In Germany

Eighth grade students at Carmichael Middle School learned about the holocaust from a man who helped bring it to an end.

Ellwood Werry served in the US Army during World World II.

Werry came face to face with the holocaust in Germany at the end of war where his job was to track down the Nazi SS.

Werry's  daughter's Jill Loftus is a teacher at Carmichael and asked her father to speak to the class about his experience.

Werry knows that there are not many people who served in World War II still around to tell the story.

He said it is an important story for the youth to hear to make sure it is never repeated.

"I don't mind talking about it, I don't particularly like talking about it but I think it's something that we as human beings should never forget, and one of the reasons Hitler was successful with it is he got to the hitler youth," said Werry.

Werry described it as a time where people were willing to do horrible things to other people.

April 28th is National Holocaust Remembrance Day.

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