Wounded Vet: "I'm just grateful, there's so many people that care."

It's the time of year where people across the country pull out their red, white and blue everything to celebrate our country's independence.

It's also a time to salute our troops who continue to fight for our nation's freedom.

That's why hundreds of people gathered for the 4th Annual Camp Patriot Fun Run that ended in GESA Stadium in Pasco this morning.

Allison Parnell, a veteran herself, was one of the few women to run in this race with more than 100 lbs of weight on her back.

"From Iraq and Afghanistan, we're being welcomed with open arms and everyone is so supportive and it makes me proud that I can actually get out there and do that especially for people who aren't here to come out and do this run with me anymore," said Parnell. 

Samantha Elliott served in Kuwait and Iraq from 2001 to 2006.

She said she ran in today's race for herself as well as her husband, Josh Elliott, who lost both his legs and some fingers in combat in Afghanistan; he ran in last year's race.

"It feels good when people support our troops because no matter what they think about the war, most of the time we don't have a choice," said Elliott. 

This is Edward Lychik's first year participating in the run.

He lost his leg and hip when a rocket hit his vehcile in combat in Afghanistan.

"I guess I want to show people what's possible, if I could get out here and do it with one leg, what can people do with two?" said Lychik.

He said he appreciates all the support and love.

"I'm just grateful, there's so many people that care," said Lychik. "I just have this love for people and I want to show them that appreciation too, that I'm here for you as well."

More than 400 people ran in this morning's race participating in both the 1 mile and the 5k.

It's estimated the run raised nearly $10,000.

The money will benefit Camp Patriot, an organization dedicated to taking wounded warriors on outdoor adventures.

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