Wright's Sister: "He's got a drug problem but I can never imagine this..."

We're learning more about 32-year-old Aaron Wright, the suspect who was killed this morning in an officer involved shooting.

Kennewick Police told us Wright led officers on a pursit after he was pulled over because the car he was driving matched the description of a stolen vehicle.

Officers said Wright pointed a pellet gun at officer and that's when shots were fired.

Wright's sister, Stephanie Eberhart, told Your Local ABC Wright had been struggling with drugs for a long time.

She and her family are devestated about their loss.

"He's been in trouble a lot he's got a drug problem but I can never ever imagine him doing something like this," said Eberhart. "I don't have any words for it. He had to of been on something. He's had a lot of problems the last few weeks so we have been trying to stay away from him."

Eberhart said she has small children and didn't want Wright near them because of all his issues the last few years.

She said she and her family are trying to move forward.

As of now, there are no plans for a funeral.

Law enforcement agencies will continue to investigate.

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