WW Woman Considers Cutting Off Her Foot in Car Accident

We want to bring you the story of a 23-old-year Walla Walla woman's fight for her life following a tragic accident.

Noel Shannon had her leg amputated from the knee down on Saturday.

Her mother Christa Shannon shared her story with us.

Noel was driving up mountains near Milton Freewater when she swerved to avoid hitting a deer.

Her car rolled over landing on it's side and her left foot was out the window and stuck underneath the door frame.

From 10 p.m. until 8 a.m. Noel was doing everything she could to get her foot loose.

She even considered cutting it off herself with keys and a rear view mirror.

In the middle of the night, Noel heard wolves and was frightened they would smell her blood and come for her.

She bit the bullet and yanked her leg from the door.

Using her good leg, she smashed the front window and climbed out.

She used a sweater as a tourniquet and a car floor mat to help her climb down the mountain.

Eventually she lost her strength and collapsed.

Later that morning, two men found her.

When she woke up, she asked the men not to call an ambulance because she couldn't afford one.

They then took her to her mother who drover her to Providence St. Mary Medical Center.

Her mom said she's amazed at her daughter's fight to live.  

"I'm proud of her, she's a tough little girl, she's strong and I am amazingly proud of her beyond words that she fought that hard for the will to survive and she kept such a clear mind through all this. I mean her brain was on top of everything," said Christa Shannon.

Noel is recovering at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

Doctors said she will suffer phantom pain for up to three months.

The one thing Shannon has asked for in all of this is a running leg because she is athletic.

Running legs are expesive and need to be replaced every 4 to 5 years.

The family has setup an account at banner bank and a Go-Fund Me page for donations. 

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