Yakima air agency pushes back air sensor vote

Months in the making and again on hold.

Today, the Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency board was set to vote on air sensors for rural homes next to concentrated animal feeding operations, like dairy farms.

But the board pushed the vote back, saying it needs more time and information.

In October we showed you homes in Sunnyside heavily impacted by manure dust and fumes by animal waste.

Residents concerned for their health and the environment have demanded action to monitor potential toxins for years.

"I’m a little perturbed but i rather be a little perturbed today and wait to have the people there that have heard about us and been with us on the board for many months of discussion rather than a couple of new replacements,” said Sunnyside resident Kathleen Rogers.

The YRCAA could make the air sensor vote at its meeting next month.

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