Yakima cheer gym closes its doors after charging parents for new gear and tuition

Yakima cheer gym closes its doors...

YAKIMA, Wash. - Carrie Osorio would bring her 11-year-old daughter two to three times a week to the Triple Threat All-Stars facility in Yakima and as of last week that all changed unexpectedly.

"The next day we got an email that the gym is just permanently closed," said parent Carrie Osorio.     

But although the gym was closed, Osorio and the parents of about 60 other girls were still charged by Michelle Ellsworth. 

"Two days prior to that, she had run my card in a manual transaction through a square account for the June tuition which obviously we are not going to be having any lessons in June," said Osorio.  

In addition to being charged for new gear that the girls will no longer be able to use, as well as accessories.

A total of over $400 per parent.

But aside from the money that was taken, Osorio said the hardest part about this, was telling the girls, that they no longer had a facility to practice in.

“Had to figure out how to explain this to my daughter who's 11 and as a grown up I can't even make sense of it, so I don't how to make it make sense to her," said Osorio.

Osorio feeling angry for the pain caused to her daughter and the rest of her team mates.

"I don't want anyone else to have to feel sort of the hurt and betrayal that I feel and especially my daughter feels," said Osorio.  

But hopeful this will be the last time this happens.

"I don't want anyone else to have to go through it," said Carrie Osorio.

Since we couldn't get in contact with the owner we did reach out to the owners of the facility who were leasing the space out.

They said the owner left without any notice.             

Parents and the facility owner are worried that the gym owner will go to a different area, potentially scamming others.

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