Yakima City Council Accepts Federal Court Ruling

At a meeting this morning, the Yakima city council agrees to abide by a federal court ruling which could lead to big changes in the way the council is elected. 

Last Friday, a judge decided that Yakima's city council districting lines need to be updated to better include a large minority area on the northeast side of the city.

In August of 2012 Rogelio Montes and Mateo Arteaga filed a complaint to the Eastern Washington district court challenging "the at-large election system utilized by the city of Yakima-- stating--this at-large scheme impermissibly dilutes the latino vote.. and thus violates section two of the voting rights act."

No Latino has ever been elected to the Yakima city council.

The city will now try to work with the ACLU on agreeing on a new districting formula and system for electing the city council by the court deadline of October 3rd. 

If the two sides cannot come to an agreement by then, each side will make a proposal to the court and a further hearing will be held.

The city has spent nearly $750,000 fighting this lawsuit in the courts.

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