Yakima City Council Bans Pot Sales, Re-Elects Cawley as Mayor

The Yakima city council votes 6-1 Tuesday night to outlaw the growing, processing, and sale of recreational marijuana in the city.

The council made the move following the release of an opinion from Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson last week which states that as written, i-502, the inititative that legalizes recreational marijuana in Washington, does not prevent cities from banning its sale or procesing within its jurisdiction.       

However, a bill is currently being heard in the legislature which would close that loophole and essentially eliminate any bans or moratoriums passed on the local level.        

The ban of the sale of marijuana in Yakima will not affect the right of those twenty-one and over from possessing up to an ounce of the drug after the recreational industry is officially put into place in the state.     


On another note, the council votes 4-3 to elect Micah Cawley to a third two year term as the city's mayor. New council member Tom Dittmar, who was sworn in Tuesday, cast the deciding vote.

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