Yakima Co. Sheriff's Office rescue 15-year-old boy from a Naches River island

Press Release from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office regarding a water rescue this afternoon on 3400 block of S. Naches Rd. in Yakima:

A family was swimming in the Naches River, when a 15 year old boy on an inner tube, was caught in the current and swept downstream.  The boy got out of the water on an island and made several unsuccessful attempts to get back across the river.  The boy’s mother made a very good decision and told him to stay on the Island and called for help.  Personnel from the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office, Naches Heights Fire, Gleed Fire, ALS Ambulance Service responded to this incident. 

The boy was found stranded on an island with swift current preventing him from returning.  Rescuers were able to get the boy a life jacket and rope which were used to safely get him back across the river and united with his family.   There were no injuries.

The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office cautions everyone who enjoys the rivers and lakes in our county to take proper precautions including the use of personal floatation devices.  Many of our waterways have deceptively fast currents and drop-offs.

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