Yakima Council to Vote on eCigs and Transit Service

The City of Yakima may be making some large cuts to it's transit service tomorrow night.

The city council will be asked to eliminate the Yakima/Ellensburg commuter bus, as well as Sunday service.

The move stems from lack of state funding to keep the city's transit system fully running.

If both requests are approved, Sunday service will stop in April, and the Ellensburg commuter service will end in July.

City leaders will also be asked to consider expand it's tobacco use ban at tomorrow night's meeting.

City attorneys are asking for e-cigarettes to be banned in the same areas where smoking is not allowed -- such as schools, stores and restaurants.

An e-cigarette uses a heating element to vaporize a liquid solution, typically contanining nicotine, all of it battery-powered.     

The council will vote at tomorrow night's city council meeting.

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