Yakima council working on drafting an ordinance for a public safety policy

Some residents in Yakima attended Tuesday night’s council meeting to once again voice their support for a "Welcoming City".

After weeks of attempting to convince the council to bring it back to the agenda they were able to gain support from councilmembers but this time for an ordinance not a resolution.

Councilmember Dulce Gutiérrez brought up the idea to explore the possibility of an inclusive public safety policy.

The policy would be designed to make everyone feel safe and welcome.

The motion passed five to two.

"There's a lot of undercurrent real negative on both sides from the Latino community and the white community and I think you have to bring something forward that everyone will be comfortable with," said public safety supporter Luz Gutiérrez.

Now even though, it will not be a resolution to make Yakima a "Welcoming City" some residents believe it’s a step to bring the community together.

The council will work with city legal staff to draft an ordinance for a public safety policy and they should have it ready by the next scheduled council meeting.

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