Yakima House Fire Displaces Family

From Yakima Fire Department-

Date of Incident
Time of Incident
  07:49 pm
Type of Incident
  Structure Fire
  The Yakima Fire Department responded to a reported car fire at the 600 Block of North 2nd Street. Upon arrival the crew discovered that the house was on fire and not a car. Firefighters found a bedroom on the main floor fully involved in fire. The fire extend into the attic through two ceiling enclosures. The fire was extinguished in approximately 40 minutes due to the involved attic space.

There were 11 persons living in this foster home: 2 adults and 9 children. Three of the children were biological kids of the adults. The 6 foster kids were not at the house at the time of the fire. No persons or firefighters were injured from this fire. All occupants have been displaced because the home is not tenable until reconstruction is completed.
What was the probable cause?
  There were two children inside the home playing video games when they heard the smoke detector beeping. One of the kids went to the bedroom and noticed smoke emitting from the bedroom door. He opened the door and saw smoke and fire coming from the portable air conditioning unit mounted in the window. He immediately closed the door and assisted in getting his little brother out of the house. He then told his father and other brother outside whom then noticed flames coming from the same air conditioner on the exterior of the house. They then called 911.

This fire was ruled an accidental type fire caused by an extension cord connecting the air conditioning unit to the receptacle. This case is closed at this time.
What was the extent of the damage?
  The fire in the bedroom destroyed the room and its contents. The fire then extended into the attic and caused additional damage.

The Yakima Fire Department would like to provide the following reminders:

1.) Always have working smoke detectors in your home. This fire was minimized due to the early warning of this working smoke detector.
2.) Follow the manufactures instruction on power usage and installation of portable air conditioners.
What is the initial estimate of the dollar loss?
How many firefighters responded?

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