Yakima Police Reports Death of Retired K-9

The Yakima Police Department (YPD) is mourning the loss of one of their retired K-9 partners, Brutus.

Brutus was the partner of former YPD Officer Bruce Rogers.  Brutus suffered what was believed to be a spinal tumor.  Veterinarians attempted to prolong Brutus' life with different medications, but his disease essentinally took over, forcing Rogers to make the decision we all dread.

Officer Rogers selected Brutus when he was just nine months old. Rogers worked tirelessly training Brutus. Brutus spent seven years as a YPD K-9 and apprehended hundreds of suspects and evidence. Many joking called Brutus the "Devil Dog", but no matter what the situation was, he would go anywhere and do anything to locate a suspect or protect officers. No matter if it was one suspect or multiple suspects fleeing, Brutus was great at finding them all. He was truly amazing at his job. Brutus was only 9 years old and will be missed.

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