Yakima School District Superintendent's Annual Evaluation Completed

The Yakima School District Board of Directors has concluded its annual evaluation of the Superintendent’s performance. This year’s evaluation affirmed the Board’s confidence in Superintendent Beraza’s leadership of the Yakima School District. Improved student achievement across the district, especially in those schools that have been historically low achieving, demonstrates the focused emphasis that Dr. Elaine Beraza has brought to the district.

The Board will continue to work with the Superintendent on the development of benchmarks and growth indicators geared toward meeting the aspirational goals identified on the District Roadmap and to help inform the community of the district’s progress.


“We are pleased that Dr. Beraza is part of our team,” said Board President Martha Rice. “She is an outstanding, insightful and dedicated educational leader. The Yakima School District, its staff and our students are fortunate to have her at our helm.”

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