Yakima to Seek Portion of Pot Sales Revenue

"I'm prepared to defend cries of hypocrisy from now until whenever," said city councilman Dave Ettl.

Ettl showed his support at this morning's special city council meeting.

The council met and unanimously voted to support efforts to seek state tax revenue from marijuana sales.

City Manager Tony O'Rourke and Police Chief Dominic Rizzi expressed concerns about the potential rise in crimes, theft, DUI's once Initiative 502 is fully implemented.

"You can be more open about carrying it, it's just more easy to hear about it on the street and just easier to cause a fight over it," said supporter Jannet Zavala.

The initiative, passed by voters in 2012, will allow people over the age of 21 to possess a small amount of marijuana, and allow licensed businesses to grow and sell it.

The City of Yakima became one of the first cities in the state of Washington last month to ban businesses from growing, processing and selling it.

However, it does not stop the rest of the state from doing so, and city officials believe that could put a strain on local law enforcement..

"[the state says] You're going to have it, it's going to be in your community," said Ettl, "Stop and think about it, law enforcement will have to deal with the by-product of that. It deserves some additional resources since it's going to generate additional work."

However, some of you disagree with the council's actions.

Several posts to our facebook site say the choice was ironic, hypocritical, and are questioning whether that revenue will really be used to aid officers.

"It's not fair for the officers to have to deal with a little amount of support, and probably double the rate of crime that can be caused because of this," said Zavala.

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