Young Murder Trial Day #3

Today is day #3 of the murder trial of John Young, the Richland teen accused of shooting and killing Joshua Snapp last summer.

Young is being charged with 1st-degree murder.

The prosecution showed an interview with Young that was recorded July 4th,  just hours after Snapp was killed in the desert near Horn Rapids in Richland.

"He just said b**** and he shoots him in the chest and he just stood right there where he was and didn't move, he just kept going and I was standing there like, 'Did this really happen?'" said Young, as he is telling detectives that Josh Hunt, who is already convicted of killing Snapp, fired shots at Snapp.

During this interview, Young was considered a witness after he went into a Benton City gas station pleading for a clerk to call for help saying he had just witnessed a murder.

Young describes the last few seconds before Snapp's life was taken, saying Hunt was confronting Snapp about stealing his money and marijuana.

"I was looking right in his eyes man, he was talking about Josh stole some money from him," said Young in the interview. "$70 and stole two ounces from him."

Court documents indicate Young later admitted to taking the gun and shooting at Snapp as well.

That's when Young became a suspect in this case.

Snapp's girlfriend, Claire Keas, also testified this morning.

She was with all three boys the night before the murder and said Young had mentioned to Hunt, also known as R.J., about a place to go later that night.

"John looked at R.J. and said, 'Let's go to Horn Rapids tonight,'" said Keas.

Keas also talked about how Young and Hunt had gone practice shooting with the revolver, used to kill Snapp, just days before his murder and when she asked Young why they had a gun, his response:  

"That they would get rid of it in a few days," said Keas.

Pictures of the bullet wounds through Snapp's chest and head were presented to the jury and at that moment, Snapp's family members began to cry.

His sister had to leave the courtroom.

At the same moment, Young had his head down, not able to look at the photos, he rocked back and forth in his chair silently.

The trial will resume tomorrow morning.

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