13 recruits attend local fire training academy to become firefighters

PASCO, Wash. — Thirteen recruits have embarked on a 16-week journey at a local fire academy to become firefighters.

The recruits are in their second week of training. Eight will join the Richland Fire Department, and five will join the Pasco Fire Department.

This is the fifth class to go through training at the fire training academy in Pasco.

Trevor Jones, the Academy Company Officer, told KAPP-KVEW the academy is available for people who have little to no experience being a firefighter, or who have had 10 years on the job.

“[We’re] teaching them the skills and what we do here as a region for the fire department to better prepare them so we can respond to those emergencies in the public,” said Jones.

Once the 16-week academy is complete, the firefighters will be placed right into their assignments with their respective fire departments.

Recruit Brian Dice told KAPP-KVEW that the 10-hour training days are filled with pressure, performance exercises, and doing anything to help other recruits move forward.

“With all of us banding together pushing each other like we have this past week, we’re going to be a very effective tight knit group,” said Dice.

While the 13 recruits trained, current firefighters from Pasco showed up to the facility to work on their craft.

“A good firefighter is someone who has a desire and determination to serve the public,” said Jones.

The Pasco Fire Department says they plan on training a class every year, and hiring five new firefighters.

Local fire departments use PublicSafetyTesting.org to test the knowledge of possible recruits before admitting them into the academy.