2 men sentenced in Oregon after poaching, wasting trophy bull elk

2 men sentenced in Oregon after poaching, wasting trophy bull elk
Boals (Left) and Maxfield Jr. (Right) were sentenced in Benton County Circuit Court for illegally hunting a bull elk.

Two Dallas men were sentenced in Benton County, Oregon after poaching and wasting a bull elk.

David Maxfield Jr. and Allen Boal, 26, were accused of unlawfully taking a trophy 6×6 bull elk in the Kings Valley area, taking its antlers and leaving the body. Maxfield shot the elk and neither of the men had a proper tag.

Maxfield Jr. pled guilty to one count of taking, angling, hunting or trapping in violation of wildlife law in Benton County Circuit Court. Boal pled no contest to the same crime. Other wildlife offenses were dismissed as part of a plea bargain.

Both men have had their hunting privileges suspended for three year. They will each serve 12 months of bench probation, perform 40 hours of community service and pay $7,600 in fines, fees and restitution.

Maxfield Jr. will forfeit all wildlife and weapons seized during the investigation.

They were charged with class A misdemeanors following an investigation by the Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Division Mid-Valley Team.

The Oregon Hunters Association offers rewards for information leading to the citation or arrest of someone who illegally possesses or kills wildlife.

The reward for an arrest related to illegally hunting elk, deer or antelope is $500.