20 dogs, 6 cats rescued from Benton County home

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. – The Benton-Franklin Humane Society helped rescue 26 animals, including 20 dogs and 6 cats, from a home in Benton County last Friday. Now they need new homes.

According to the humane society, the 26 animals had been living with one person.

Now, the humane society is trying to find all of these animals new, safe homes.

“These animals will require very special adopters,” explained Autumn White, Executive Director of BFHS, “having lived their entire lives with one person and having no experience with the outside world has taken its toll, as you might imagine.”

The animals were spayed and neutered on Thursday, and the humane society says most of the dogs will be up for adoption on Saturday, August 29. The cats are still under medical evaluation and aren’t available for adoption quite yet.

“The dogs are small breeds, including Chihuahuas, shih tzus and other small breed terriers. The cats are domestic short hair. The health and temperaments of the animals are being evaluated by BFHS and SHS. All medical and behavioral issues will be addressed prior to being placed for adoption at BFHS,” the humane society explained.

More information about the dogs is expected to be up on the Benton-Franklin Humane Society’s website Friday afternoon. To schedule an appointment to meet one of the rescue dogs, call 509-374-4235.