2020 Corvette makes exclusive visit to Pasco dealership

PASCO, Wash. — Years in the making, the newest Corvette model pulled into Pasco this weekend, delighting car enthusiasts from across the pacific northwest.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray made a stop at McCurley Integrity Chevrolet as part of a 3-month-long, 28,000 mile tour across the country.

Last year, McCurley was given the opportunity to become a signature Corvette dealer, one of only a select number of those across the country.

“That gave us the opportunity to raise our hand if we wanted to host this event,” said Matthew Price, Corvette product specialist for McCurley. “Our management team did not hesitate.”

Pasco is the second to last stop on the Corvette’s tour. In total, the car will visit 125 dealerships before settling at the General Motors Heritage Center in Detroit.

The 8th generation Corvette features two trunks, custom colors, touch screen features and voice recognition. It also has a front lift system that you can activate when you come up to a speed bump. If it’s on a road you frequent, it will remember and activate automatically going forward.

The C8 model is also the very first mid-engine Corvette, which allows for more agility, balance and overall better performance.

“It’s been historic for us,” said Price on McCurley getting to host the car. “We’re taking something that’s been in the works for over 63 years and now presenting it to the people.”

McCurley was also the only dealer in the pacific northwest that hosted the car. Price said they had Corvette clubs from all over the northwest stop in to see the car, and they stopped counting visitors at 2,200.

The first model for sale will arrive at McCurley in about three weeks, but it’s already been sold. In fact, there is currently a waiting list for all of McCurley’s 2020 models.

If you missed out this weekend, Price said the best way to get a glimpse of the C8 is to attend Corvettes on the Columbia which takes place June 5-6.