2nd Harvest celebrates National Agriculture Day by giving back

PASCO, Wash — An apple a day keeps the doctor away — and it also provides nutrition for kids and adults alike, something that is especially important during a pandemic.

Volunteers with Second Harvest spent their afternoon on Tuesday sorting and packing hundreds of them into boxes for the organization’s mobile markets that distribute fresh goods for free to people in need.

The nearly 40 pallets of apples were donated from local growers in the area, filling up an entire semi-truck with the fruit.

Jean Tucker, Second Harvest’s philanthropy manager, said Washington’s apples are great because “the climate is just right for a wonderful assortment of the healthy food.”

“Good nutrition is important for children and seniors,” Tucker said. “Especially during the pandemic when it’s very tough for people right now who are struggling to put food on the table.”

Tucker said that with the pandemic being able to afford fresh food has gotten even harder due to unemployment and rising prices.

“People might not ordinarily be able to afford some of these items when they’re already stretched with their budget right now,” Tucker said. “So we’re celebrating National Agriculture Day today and our ability to get a lot of healthy food out to those people.”

Linda Smith, a volunteer with Second Harvest, said she has been with the organization for over two years.

“I come sometimes three or four times a week,” Smith said. “I know that a lot of the packing and the plant has been supported by volunteers and I think that’s something the Tri-Cities can be proud of.”

This month’s sponsor is Northwest Agriculture Consultants of Kennewick, an organization that Second Harvest said they are glad to be partnered with.

“It’s the first harvest that makes the second harvest possible,” said Jason Clark, President &
CEO of Second Harvest. “We’re proud to team with our friends at Northwest Agricultural
Consultants to shine the spotlight of appreciation on the people who do the hard work of
raising our food.”

To volunteer with Second Harvest, click here.