2nd Harvest looking for ‘food, funds and friends’ amid inflation rates

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Food costs have risen faster than inflation rates, according to 2nd Harvest. They said the charitable food security network has been hit hard. They’re looking for, ‘food, funds and friends.’

2nd Harvest’s mobile food unit holds drives several times a week, bringing food to those who need it. The mobile unit holds a drive-through food market once a month at Eastgate Elementary School, and other places throughout the community.

Thursday afternoon, 2nd Harvest donated over 8,000 pounds of food in an hour and a half. This included apples, pears, potatoes, milk, pasta, various frozen foods and even a treat, although the menu changes weekly.

The crew arrives early to set up. Even before that, Aaron Brown, mobile market program manager with 2nd Harvest said it was packed.

“It was a full line all the way outside of the fence almost before I ever showed up,” Brown said.

Inflation has not only hit community members, but also the organizations looking to feed people.

“If you’ve ever wanted to come volunteer, volunteering doesn’t mean that you have to give money, you can give your time. There are mobile markets where I do have somewhere I don’t have a lot of volunteers so I encourage people to come out. We can really use the help and it’s a pretty awesome feeling to be able to give back to your community,” explained Brown.

To donate or volunteer, go here.

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