3 officers, 2 firefighters awarded medals for saving man who tried to jump off Cable Bridge

Cable bridge rescue
City of Pasco

PASCO, Wash. — The City of Pasco awarded meritorious service medals to three police officers and two firefighters who saved a suicidal man who tried to jump off the Cable Bridge last spring.

The event unfolded on the morning of Saturday, May 4 last year.

Police said a 38-year-old man was outside the railing, sitting on the edge of the bridge when they arrived on scene. He was sitting at a point where it was a long drop to the rocky dike below.

Ofc. Jeff Cobb, who is trained for crisis responses, engaged the man in a conversation. Ofcs. Justin Greenhalgh and Saul Mendoza arrived to assist soon after. With Sgt. Brian Vaught, they discussed grabbing the man after being secured with rope.

Two Pasco firefighter/paramedics, Juan Sanchez and Mike Gibbon, were called to the scene because they had training with ropes and harnesses.

Sanchez, Greenhalgh and Mendoza all got set up with rappelling harnesses that were tied off to a nearby fire engine. Ofc. Cobb kept the man engaged, but when the three harnessed rescuers approached, the man made the decision to jump, police said.

All three hopped the railing onto the outer ledge and grabbed the man as he was falling. They were able to bring him to safety and provide him with treatment.

During the City of Pasco’s Employee Recognition Dinner, Ofcs. Cobb, Mendoza and Greenhalgh and firefighters Sanchez and Gibbon were all presented with meritorious service medals.

“Meritorious Service medals are a rare occurrence,” police wrote on Facebook. “Pasco PD awarded the last one in 2010 to Officer Josh Madsen for responding initially single-handedly to Chiawana Park to confront a group of armed suspects immediately following a shooting in the park. Prior to that, we had awarded one to K9 Officer Jason Miller for refusing to give up on a canine track of a homicide suspect, eventually locating him.”

THE CITY OF PASCO AWARDED FIVE MEDALS for Meritorious Service on Friday night during the Employee Recognition Dinner. …

Posted by Pasco Police on Monday, January 27, 2020