3 tips for kids to get better sleep

3 tips for kids to get better sleep

Poor sleep quality is a factor in the increasing rate of childhood obesity in the U.S. That’s according to a recent study presented at a special conference on obesity and cancer by the American Association for Cancer Research. So what is the correct sleep duration for kids and how do you help them get a better night’s sleep?

Watch more in this Mayo Clinic Minute:

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“No. 2: Children should avoid napping in the day,” says Dr. Kotagal.

When kids, especially teens, nap during the day, they’re borrowing from night sleep and may experience difficulty staying asleep at night.

“No. 3: Exercise,” says Dr. Kotagal. “Exercise is an amazing tonic for sleep.”

It improves daytime cardiovascular function, raises body temperature and improves the sense of well-being that children need. It also makes them more ready to fall asleep at night. However, exercise should be avoided in the two to three hours before bedtime.

Source: Mayo Clinic News Network