300 5th Graders Learn About Heart Health

300 5th Graders Learn About Heart Health

It was an exciting day for hundreds of 5th graders from Angelou and McGee Elementary Schools who got to walk through a 20 foot inflatable heart that allows them to see almost every detail in the hollow muscular organ.

Trios Health set up several different work stations for kids to participate in activities.

One of them included teaching the kids CPR, they learned how to distinguish whether or not someone is in trouble and how to act in that scenerio.

A Fever player talked to the kids about why being present every day for school is important.

“Attendance is something you have to have in every aspect of life whether it’s school or work or anything that you do, we are just out here delivering a message,” said Keithon Flemming.

One student said with everything being so interactive, he was able to really learn a lot that he didn’t know before coming here today.

“The heart does two things, it goes lub and dub and there’s one part in your heart that’s not going to be filled with blood when the other part is filled with blood,” Elijah Moore.

Robin Hay, principal at McGee Elementary School said this was an amazing opportunity for the students to be hands on and will give them a better understanding of the importance of science.

If you’re interested in taking your kids, the Family Expo is today from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.