$540 Million invested into Tyson Foods facilities for protective measures

WALLULA, Wash. — Tyson Foods is investing $540 Million into protective measures against COVID-19 in their facilities, including walk through temperature scanners, workstation dividers, and social distancing monitors.

In April and May, the Wallula plant was hit hard with coronavirus cases.

At least three employees died, and hundreds more contracted the virus.

The company said in a statement Thursday they’ve implemented social media tools “Beekeeper” and “Mobivity” to send out COVID-19 messages in various languages.

“Specifically in Pasco, we have started to use social media tools such as Beekeeper and Mobivity to send out messages related to COVID-19 with the ability to communicate in different languages,” said a Tyson Foods spokesperson.

Tyson believes these implementations will enhance their fight against COVID-19 in their facilities.