5th Annual Girls Learning About Manufacturing

5th Annual Girls Learning About Manufacturing

Teenage girls in our area are preparing for the future to enter male-dominated engineering industries.

Columbia Basin College has paired with the Tri-City Development Council to host the 5th Annual Girls Learning About Manufacturing (GLAM) event on CBC’s campus.

This year’s challenge: toys.

From toys for animals to toys for people.

Tori Ashley from Delta High School and her team worked on a toy that would be used to stimulate a horse while the animal is in its stable all day.

“I’m really interested in the way I can make different things,” said Ashley. “This event is a learning experience to show me what kind of job I may want to get into in the future.”

About 150 girls from high schools throughout the Tri-Cities were broken up into groups.

Each team was assigned a mentor that is familiar with the field.

Cherrie Gant who works at Sandvik Special Metals said it’s good to see young girls applying their skills and creativity.

She said having worked most of her career in a male domined industry, she wants to see more and more young women entering into engineering fields.

“Very few females are applying for the job, so it’s exciting to come out here and be able to encourage the girls to get into the different industries,” said Gant.

Valeria Olivas from Kennewick High School and her team were tasked with making a toy for an autistic child.

Olivas said some one of the questions she and her all female team thought through was, “What would be helpful and stimulating for an austistic child?”

They came up with a box a child can express how he/she is feeling.

Olivas said girls have a lot to bring to the engineering table.

“Guys sometimes limit their things to guys and girls sometimes limit their things to girls, but now we can see what it feels like to be in their place and see what ideas we can bring together,” said Olivas.

“There’s a lack of women, so if we get a bunch of girls together and get them excited about engineering then maybe we can change that a little bit and get it more balanced,” said Ashley.

The finished products will be displayed tomorrow at the TRAC in Pasco.