6 families receive gifts from Richland firefighters

Christmas got a little brighter for six families in Richland thanks to the fire department. Firefighters came together and bought gifts for the families with money out of their own pocket.

“So these families are chosen either through churches, or through family friends or just someone is reaching out knowing someone is going through a hard time,” said Peter Zukowski, a Richland firefighter. “And they say, ‘hey, these people need some help as they’re going through Christmas, and we’re more than willing to be there to help them out.”

They turned their grass fire truck into a sleigh, flying to homes of two families on Monday. Four more will receive gifts for their families on Christmas morning.

“We want to reach out to people not only in their time of need, but also just to reach out and let them know that we’re here for them, to support them in whatever they’re going through in their lives,” Zukowski said.

He added that gifts were not only donated to the children, but adults as well.