8-year-old Yakima girl wants to use lemonade stand profits to help the homeless

YAKIMA, Wash. — More than 100 kids are bringing their own unique spin on a classic summer drink to SOZO Sports Complex on Saturday as part of the Lemonade Day festival for young entrepreneurs.

One of those proud young business owners, 8-year-old Elleanna Modest, is hoping to raise enough money this weekend to set up a permanent lemonade stand, with the goal of donating a portion of the profits to a cause near and dear to her heart.

“I want to raise money for charity for the homeless and for foster care,” Elleanna said. “My brother, he’s struggling with money issues … He lives in his own car.”

Elleanna’s mother, Ines Garcia, said her son has bipolar disorder, experiences a lot of anxiety and depression, and is currently living without a home.

“We’ve tried to help him and he just doesn’t think that he needs professional help,” Ines said.

To help get closer to the goal of giving back to the community and the people who need it most, Elleanna started her business, Elleanna’s Fresh Lemonade a few months ago through the Lemonade Day program for young entrepreneurs.

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Elleanna’s been selling her lemonade on the weekends at Garcia’s Kitchen — her mother’s business — which is located inside of Valley Brewing Co. at 3215 River Rd. in Yakima.

“I look up to my mom because I want to be like her,” Elleanna said. “I’m experiencing that – having my own business for the first time.”

Garcia said she’s proud of Elleanna for following in her footsteps and in doing so, embodying the values she’s strived to instill in her daughters to make sure they can make it on their own if they need to.

“As a mother, I feel that I should leave my daughters protected,” Garcia said. “You know, we as women sometimes will feel abandoned and so that’s why my main priority has been to always teach them independence.”

Garcia said regardless of what kind of person her daughters end up with, she’s taught them they still need to be able to rely on themselves.

“Always be independent, never rely on a man,” Garcia said. “You might have a good relationship right now, but you don’t know tomorrow.”

Garcia said she feels more comfortable with her daughter’s future safety and financial security, knowing she’s been in and around the business world for years and is now working to find her place in it.

Now, the mother-daughter dream team is planning on selling several different types of lemonade from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. this Saturday at SOZO Sports of Central Washington, which is located at 2210 S. 38th Ave. in Yakima.

Elleanna said they’ll be bringing four flavors of lemonade: regular, berry, kiwi and pineapple. Garcia said people will have the option to have the rim of their lemonade cup dipped with homemade chamoy and sprinkled with Tajin.

“We’re also going to have mangonadas,” Garcia said. “It’s frozen mango, freshly blended and it goes in a cup and also the rim has chamoy and Tajin. It’s kind of like mango lemonade, I guess.”


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