$80,000 donation will go towards home for minor girls who have been sex trafficked

$80,000 donation will go towards home for minor girls who have been sex trafficked
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A Tri-Cities organization that helps survivors of sex trafficking is making the first steps toward building a restoration home for minor girls who have been trafficked.

Columbia Community Church gifted Mirror Ministries with an $80,000 check on Sunday, helping them launch a fund specifically for the future home.

“We’re excited that it’s finally moving forward and becoming a reality,” said Tricia MacFarlan, executive director of Mirror Ministries.

Mirror Ministries is a faith-based organization that helps current victims and survivors of commercial sexual exploitation, of all ages, genders and backgrounds. It has been serving the community since 2014, but MacFarlan has big plans for 2019 and beyond, including creating the home for minor girls.

“These girls need a place to go,” said MacFarlan.

Right now, there is only one restoration home of this kind in the Northwest and none in Washington state.

“If we have girls that need to go to a restoration home we have to send them quite a long way away, and it’s just not always a doable thing, especially if they have healthy family nearby,” said MacFarlan.

A local architect donated some designs of what the house could potentially look like. MacFarlan said at this point they’re still exploring ideas and unsure if they’re going to build from the ground up or remodel an already existing home. They do know they’d like a spot that’s not too close to businesses, outside of city limits and large enough for each girl to have her own bedroom.

MacFarlan said in total they’re trying to raise roughly a couple million dollars to fund the home.

They’re also going to start their strategic planning in a few weeks, and they’re looking for people to join committees – anyone with experience in licensing/regulations, social services, finances, theurapeutic services and more.

If you think you could offer expertise or input in a certain area of planning, email info@mirror-ministries.com. If you’d like to donate to Mirror Ministries, you can do so online or by mail: P.O. Box 400, Richland, Washington, 99352. Mirror Ministries also has a 24-hour hotline number: (509) 212-9995.

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