84-year-old Richland woman wins new wheelchair ramp, paint job on house

An 84-year-old Richland woman now has a freshly painted house and new ramp thanks to Smile-A-Mile Painting company.

The company has a program called Smile Affect, where they ask the community for nominations for a deserving person to have the exterior of their house painted, free of charge.

This year’s winner was Pat Wildeborg, who received over 30 nominations from people across the community.

“She helped out so many people not only in the church but she was also a teacher,” owner Jason Zook said. “She’s just been an upstanding individual for her family and also the community here.”

Wildeborg chose a bright blue color for her house to be painted. She also uses a walker to get around, and she previously had stairs outside of her front door. As a surprise, the Smile-A-Mile crew built Wildeborg a brand new ramp so she can get around easier.

“Now she can just roll right up her ramp,” Wildeborg said. “She is probably the most excited about that deck.”