88-year-old driver suffers medical condition, crashes in Kennewick

88-year-old driver suffers medical condition, crashes in Kennewick

An 88-year-old driver suffered a medical condition, causing him to sideswipe two vehicles on 27th Avenue near State Route 395 Friday afternoon.

Police say Richard Maxon lost control of his Toyota Camry while traveling eastbound on 27th Avenue, causing him to hit a pickup at the intersection of the highway around 1:15 p.m., says the Kennewick Police Department.

The person he hit became concerned and called police, saying the man was swerving all over the road.

Maxon continued eastbound toward South Quillan Street by the Kennewick Walmart and hit the side of a Heritage Nursery work truck, causing the Camry to get a flat tire and come to a stop.

Maxon was transported to Trios Health to be evaluated for his medical condition and is currently in stable condition. No one involved in the crash was hurt, police said.

For about 45 minutes, westbound traffic was completely blocked on 27th Avenue from South Quillan Street to North Ely Street.

The police department will be reviewing the case and notifying the Department of Licensing about the crash.

Maxon may have to retest for his driver’s license to prove whether or not he is safe to drive in the future, police said.

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