A breath of fresh air: art display brings people to Yakima Greenway

A breath of fresh air: art display brings people to Yakima Greenway

YAKIMA, Wash. — Dozens of local Yakima/Tri-City artists brought their work out to Sarge Hubbard Park Saturday for the inaugural Fresh Air Art Celebration.

Almost every type of art was on display and up for sale at the event, including woodwork, paintings, ceramics, photography, and much more. The Larson Gallery Guild partnered with Yakima Greenway to bring it all together.

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According to Larson Gallery Director David Lynx, this new event stemmed from not being able to host their annual Tour of Artists’ Homes and Studios event the past two years because of Covid-19.

“We thought ‘we got to do something this year,’ Lynx said. “It ended up being really great timing. People are taking their masks off; they’re coming outside and enjoying the fresh air.”

According to Lynx, bringing the community together and helping give local artists a platform for their work were important factors in forming this event. However, another important purpose was to draw more donors for Larson Gallery at Yakima Valley College.

“Events like this help fund things that go on in the gallery, and it makes it so people can come free,” Lynx said. “We have about 350 members who help support what goes on…we’ve sold several memberships this morning.”

The event drew a relatively big turnout. Larson Gallery board member Patty Dion guessed it must have been in the hundreds.

“It’s absolutely packed,” Dion said. “We don’t know if we’re going to go back to Tour of Artists’ Homes or if we’re going to continue this event. But this has been so wonderful today; maybe it will be what we continue to do.”

More information about Larson Gallery and its programming can be found here.