A Cold, Wet Winter: NOAA’s Winter Outlook for the PNW

Local pilot takes photos of snow-capped Rattlesnake Mountain (GALLERY)

Snow-lovers can rejoice, this forecast is for you! NOAA just released their annual winter outlook on Thursday, and it’s looking pretty likely the Pacific Northwest will see both a cooler and wetter winter ahead.

Now, this doesn’t mean that each day will be snowy, but the averages will likely be cooler and wetter than a typical winter.

Keep in mind: This is an early outlook on what could possibly happen this winter. An updated Winter Outlook will come out on November 19th. This seasonal outlook doesn’t tell us when and where snowstorms may hit. Stay tuned to KAPP-KVEW throughout the winter for the tracking of winter storms, which are generally not predictable more than a week in advance.

Winter Temperature Outlook Winter Precipitation Outlook