A glorious start to 2020, with winds dying down, and possible showers tomorrow late afternoon – Jason

Kaitlin Knapp doing weather

Good Wednesday evening and Happy New Year!

What a day throughout our areas, with highs in the 50’s to lower 60’s, and plenty of sunshine throughout.  The heavy winds will continue overnight, and slow down as we get to tomorrow morning.  15 to 25 mph winds are expected to return on Saturday.

Overnight tonight will be windy, with lows returning to the 30’s with moslty clear skies.  Tomorrow will start out Sunny, with highs cooling down into the 40’s, or upper 30’s in the Yakima Valley.  We’ll warm back up on Friday and into the weekend.  There’s a chance of showers tomorrow evening, and if they do come to your region, they’ll be gone before Midnight.

We could see the rains return for your weekend, but the warmer temperatures will be sticking around as well.

Have a great evening!  – Jason (Kaitlin Knapp filled in for me on the TV side)