A hazy and warmer Wednesday -Kristin

90's returns for the weekend
A bit warmer Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

A little patchy smoke and haze to start off the day with moderate to unhealthy air quality for spots. If you have any breathing problems, limit your time outside today. The worst air quality is north closer to current wildfires burning. After a cool start in the 40’s, temperatures will climb into the low to mid 80’s today.

We head back into the 90’s Friday into the upcoming weekend. Look for low 90’s Friday with mid 90’s Saturday and Sunday. Another system impacts the Pacific Northwest early next week with rain chances possible Monday night into Tuesday. Cooling off into the upper 80’s Monday and low 80’s Tuesday.

And fall is getting closer, arriving on Septemeber 22nd at 6:30AM!

A bit warmer Wednesday Fall activity countdown