A Local Cider is Quickly Becoming a National Hit

A Local Cider is Quickly Becoming a National Hit

A locally owned winery recently started making a cider that is causing a lot of buzz in the beverage industry.

Daniel Washam the owner of Sun River Vinter winery in Kennewick started making d’s Wicked Cider last January.

In less than a year King Beverage, a major distributor of Anheuser-Busch products signed a contract with Washam to distribute his cider throughout Washington.

Washam said he never expect his cider to take off like it has.

He said he developed the recipe accidently.

“It was just a home brew project that I was trying to make a beerage for my wife to emulate something that she had in Seattle and we still don’t know what it was. We tried to make apple beer and that was not working so then I thought maybe it was a cider and this is what came out of it,” said Washam

Right now the cider is only available on tap, in a keg or in a pig.

Sun Rivers will have their first bottles available for sale January 31st at the winery.

Then bottles should hit store shelves two weeks after that.