A new year brings big changes for the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter

PASCO, Wash. – The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, which is home to dozens of animals every year, has also been a special place for Director Rebecca Howard.

For 14  years, she’s worked through the ranks, and spent seven years as an Animal Control Officer.

“I decided that I wanted to put my bid in for it, this is my home,” she said.

As the new director, Howard said the biggest changes have been to staffing.

“I’m going through and just making changes to policies and procedures, the way we do things. I opened up a couple more positions as far as animal care, so we have a shelter manager, then he also has two assistants,” Howard explained.

Hopefully, 2021 will also bring a brand new shelter.

“Our animals need it, and our staff needs it, our community needs it. I want it to be a safe environment for everybody. So them having an outside inside play area, for the dogs to be able to go out to, all those things that we don’t have right now would be absolutely amazing,” she said.

But, since it is a government building, there’s a lot of logistical planning that has to happen. Rebecca said planners have looked at constructing the new building behind the current one.

Still, the new year has brought on a renewed hope that a facility will be approved and build.

“It would be amazing to have a new shelter, it’s so important,” Rebecca said.

Rebecca also has a CFO at the Tri-Cities Animal Shelter, Dr. Julie Chambers. She helps manage finances and the budget while Rebecca oversees operation, employees and Animal Control.

Along with her years of experience, Rebecca brought on Neo’s Nation. It’s a non-profit named after her late dog that she adopted from the shelter years ago.

“With that 501 C-3 we can ask for those additional donations to go for the vet care, and vaccines and anything that might come up during the year that wasn’t budgeted for. This is, all for him,” she said.

From January 29th through the 31st, the animal shelter is holding a silent auction. Donations can be made online, at the shelter or Julie will pick them up, all you have to do is contact the shelter.