‘A sense of community:’ Pasco utility boxes now covered in local artwork

PASCO, Wash. — If you’re driving around Pasco, it might look a bit more colorful.

After years in the making, the Pasco Arts and Culture Commission’s (PACC) venture to bring more artwork to the community is finally here.

Four utility boxes in the city were wrapped on Monday in pieces designed by local artists.

The theme? We are Pasco.

Angela Pashon, a senior management analyst for the city, said the theme represents a “sense of community, inclusion, and diversity.”

“It’s great to see them come to life,” Pashon said. “It’s been very positive on social media and people are noticing them and asking about them.”

The project is a sponsorship agreement between the city and the Spokane Teachers Credit Union (STCU). Officials said the STCU fully funds the artist’s stipend and the making of the wraps by Mustang Signs.

“It is all paid through that partnership agreement, we just get to have the fun opportunity to work with artists,” Pashon said. “It’s a really good opportunity for local artists to put their mark on Pasco.”

According to a news release, four boxes have been installed for this first round:

  • “North 20th & Sun Willows: “We Are Pasco” was designed by Pasco resident Andrea Moreno, a tattoo artist, logo designer, and digital media artist. Her submission includes her love for Pasco, her experience working through, and a tribute to those who kept people safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The location recognizes the importance CBC played in our region’s response as it was the first drive-thru COVID testing site. The title “We Are Pasco” demonstrates that we all stand united together. The PACC, in its review, noted the strength of the figures and is a representation of a time in our community.
  • North 10th/South 10th & Lewis Street: “Flying” was designed by Rosa Cruz from Cruglez Stermann Studio; it represents the beautiful nature that makes Pasco unique. PACC noted that the piece transports the observer where they want to be, and the cranes symbolize community.
  • 5th & Sylvester: “Life in the Nature” was designed by Rosa Cruz from Cruglez Stermann Studio. PACC appreciated the imagery of the river, quality, and design of the piece.
  • East A Street & Oregon Ave: “Construction of Stairs of Equality and Inclusion” was designed by Rosa Cruz from Cruglez Stermann Studio; it represents “The policy related to social and cultural equality and inclusion that Pasco supports.” PACC noted the colors, and the piece draws the observer in for more than a quick look.”

“It’s really exciting to get the word out that they’re out there. Take a drive around, kind of see what’s there. If you have suggestions on where you want to see a box, reach out and we will add it to our list,” Pashon said.

The city said they have plenty of “exciting projects” in the works. If you’re interested in submitting an application, the PACC will be announcing another call for artists in the next couple of weeks.