About to light off fireworks in Pasco? What time you’re allowed to start and when it’s no longer legal


PASCO, Wash. — Some Pasco residents are getting ready to shoot off some fireworks as 2020 rolls around. However, you’re only allowed to do it during a certain time.

In the City of Pasco, fireworks are legally able to go off at 6 p.m. Tuesday and last until 1 a.m. Wednesday. After that, they’re no longer allowed. The regulations for New Year’s Eve and Fourth of July are different. However, firework laws are the same. One important thing to keep in mind is the dry conditions we’re experiencing this winter.

“The weather’s warmed up, we have a breeze coming through,” said Pasco firefighter Ben Shearer. “All that light grass and stuff is drying up pretty quickly, and it’s going to be pretty easy to catch that stuff on fire — even if you get some sparks in there from a safe and sane firework.”

The fireworks allowed are the ones that stay on the ground such as cone fountains, ground spinners and others. Shearer said to make sure you keep them away from small children. According to the Washington state Fire Marshal, there were five firework-related injuries last year from Dec. 27-31.

After having a safe night, it’s important to check that the fireworks are completely out.

“Take the used firework and dump it in a bucket of water and leave it until tomorrow or the next day,” Shearer explained. “Once it’s been soaked up thoroughly in the water for 24 hours, the garbage service says you can just wrap that up in a tight, garbage sack and dispose of it in your garbage can.”