Accused felon taken into custody in Richland following SWAT operation


RICHLAND, Wash. — Following a SWAT operation on a residential road in Richland, a male suspect wanted for numerous felonies was successfully brought into custody.

According to Richland Police Department officials at the scene of the incident, a male suspect in his mid-30s named Jordan Conner was arrested after a brief standoff. Officers told KAPP-KVEW that an anonymous tip informed them that Conner, who allegedly has several outstanding felony warrants, was staying at a residence in the area of Horizon View Lane.

That drew a widescale presence from Tri-Cities law enforcement on Tuesday afternoon. Responding agencies include the Tri-City Regional SWAT Team, RPD, Pasco Police Department, Kennewick Police Department, Benton County Sheriff’s  Office, and West Richland Police Department.

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Initially, law enforcement tried to reason with the suspect and asked for a peaceful surrender. The suspect allegedly did not give himself up, leading SWAT teams to deploy more intensive measures.

KAPP-KVEW’s crew members at the scene of the incident watched as a smoke device was used to force the suspect out of a residence. They witnessed the accused felon exiting a house and turning himself over to police custody.

This is an isolated incident, meaning there is no present danger for neighbors or the Tri-Cities community as a whole.

This is a breaking news story. An update and/or follow-up will be issued once further details are publically revealed.


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