Additional cougar spotted in Pasco on Thursday morning

PASCO, Wash. — Hardly 24 hours after Benton County Sheriff’s Deputies had to kill a cougar spotted in Finley, another cat was seen running through a neighborhood on Thursday morning.

“Yeah, a cougar,” Sergeant Rigo Pruneda with the Pasco Police Department said.

It’s not the call PPD necessary expects during the early hours on a weekday.

“So, something is happening here in the Tri-Cities where cougars are getting displaced and moving into cities and they’re trying to figure their way out,” Sergeant Pruneda said.

The cat was seen running on Ruven Street near Sandifur Parkway and Road 90 in Pasco.

It’s an area filled with people, new homes and businesses.

“So, obviously we think about public safety,” Pruneda added.

Cougars by nature, are reclusive and like to avoid humans, but when something like this happens, law enforcement must take action.

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“There’s quite a few neighborhoods there, so we want people to be aware of it and what to do if they were to encounter that cougar,” he said.

The area where the cougar was sighted is a growing part of Pasco. Sergeant Pruneda thinks that could be a contributing factor to the sighting.

“We’re really pushing a lot of growth in that area so that may be the case. As we start moving into these habitats where wildlife could normally just stay and be alone,” he said.

So, what should you do if you come face to face with a cougar?

“Make yourself as big as you can, don’t crouch down because they might think you’re prey, don’t run because they might think you’re prey and just keep yourself loud,” he said.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife has great tips here.

In the worst case scenario, fight back.

If you spot a cougar in your neighborhood, it’s best to contact local law enforcement or WDFW.