Administrators to meet with student journalists after recent press freedom protest

Administrators to meet with student journalists after recent press freedom protest

Central Washington University administrators will meet with student journalists next week following a recent press freedom protest.

Students rallied on campus for their First Amendment rights last Thursday. For months, reporters from the university’s student run newspaper and television station said they’ve been trying to do their jobs, but the university has worked to regulate and censor them.

To interview any employee, faculty or student athlete, the university wants reporters to give questions in advance — something they’re not willing to do.

“The biggest thing for us is we’re gearing up to go into the real world of journalism. This doesn’t happen in the real world of journalism,”said Mariah Valles, the Observer’s digital editor. “It’s important in the era of fake news. We need to learn how to report accurately and in depth.”

Valles said the problem with sending in interview questions is that it makes the interviews not genuine.

According to the Observer, a meeting with the administration is set for Monday.

Valles said she hopes they can come to a resolution that’s both concrete and straight forward.

Last week the university released a statement following the protest.

“We are looking forward to an open and honest dialogue on the issues brought forward by student media,” the statement said.

One condition that The Observer had moving forward was that all meetings would be recorded to ensure that all parties are held accountable. According to the Observer, the Associated Students of Central Washington University said it would not permit audio recordings during the meeting.