Adriana Mendez Testifies in Blizzard Trial

Adriana Mendez Testifies in Blizzard Trial

Adriana Mendez testified before a jury today, claiming she had nothing to do with the plot to kill Vern Holbrook.

However, the defense got their chance to speak to her today, and they believe otherwise.

Mendez was one of four suspects accused of plotting the hit on Vern Holbrook last year.

Mendez took the stand and described how her ex-boyfriend, Luis Gomez-Monges attacked Holbrook at a home west of Yakima.

She maintains she is innocent and was dragged into the plot against Holbrook, and that Daniel Blizzard, Jill Taylor, and Monges are the conspirators.

However, defense attorney Peter Mazzone says Mendez played a much bigger role.

Mazzone went on to say how Mendez was in desperate need of cash and wanted to move her children to Texas — Monges also had an expiring Visa, which Mazzone claims would allow Mendez to pull off the hit and take all the money that was offered for it; $10,000.

“You told us just a minute ago that when the $10,000 came up with Jill, you were interested because you needed money, because you needed to go to Texas,” said Mazzone, “That’s why it was something that you said ‘well, I need to consider that.'”

“Me going to Texas was never in my mind, I just needed money period,” answered Mendez.

“So you needed money, period, and that’s the reason why you started considering this, right?” asked Mazzone.

“Yes,” replied Mendez.

Mendez was formerly charged with first degree murder, however, she agreed to testify against Daniel Blizzard if those charges are dropped.