Africa yoga group helps promote health wellness with local students.

Africa yoga

An Africa yoga group helped promote health wellness Friday with local students.

Virgie Robinson Elementary in Pasco participated in the “Africa Yoga Project,” to learn about African culture and the benefits of yoga.

Yoga instructor Kevin Ogtu grew up in the slums of Nairobi Africa.

“When I was going to school sometimes I didn’t even get breakfast,” Africa Yoga Project Instructor, Kevin Ogtu said.

Faced with poverty throughout his childhood Ogtu lived for going to school everyday.

“I realized wow, education is exactly what’s making everything successful,” Ogtu continued.

For Ogtu, learning was as a way out of the slums.

“I’m a teacher so I am called to teach anywhere,”

Ogtu has been a certified yoga instructor for the Africa Yoga Project for five years and is now traveling with his team around the U.S. and Canada to tell their stories, and teach yoga..

The group also shares their African culture through over 300 yoga classes, in 80 places around North America, to help further promote the health benefits of the fitness practice.

“Yoga is like a therapy,” Ogtu said.

Ogtu says yoga also helped him get through the tough times so he now works to inspire more youth, one pose at a time.

Even though Friday’s project was formatted as an introduction to yoga, Ogtu and his team focused on key areas of the body during their demonstration.

“Like the spine because we are doing a lot with our upper body,” Ogtu added.

Some poses were easy for some, but challenging for others.

Overall, Ogtu and his team just hoped that their project helped spread an understanding about the bigger message behind yoga.

“It’s about community and changing other people’s mindsets,” Ogtu concluded.