African American Community, Cultural, and Educational Society Art Show

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RICHLAND, Wash. — It’s been two years since a DrewBoy Creative (DBC) has been able to host an in-person show, according to a press release from DBC.

This year, African American Community, Cultural, and Educational Society (AACCES) has partnered with DBC to showcase artists from the Pacific Northwest, highlighting African American contributions to education, community, and culture in Richland. 

DBC said, the show not only highlights African American culture but is also honors the late Robin Michell, who was a champion of the arts in our community. “The majority of the artists in the show identify as African American. However, the goal of the AACCES art selection committee was to allow artists of diverse backgrounds to participate and accept as many artists as possible,” according to DrewBoy Creative.

“You are art; embrace it.” I believe that art is everything, and it’s everywhere. It’s how we dress, wear our hair, how we accessorize, and in the way, we walk. Art is inside of everyone, even people who don’t consider themselves artists. Especially them, as a matter of fact. I believe that no thing and no one can stop an artist from creating. Your body is a canvas. Your house is a canvas. It’s you. You are art.” -AACCES Show Performer Chauncey Bass

DBC said in their press release that the show will also feature live musical performances by Chauncey Bass, Nobi, Jay D’One and poetry by Daishaundra Loving-Hearne, Angela Harper, Corey Jenkins Jr. and Bryan Hearne.


  • Date: January 14, 2022, 4:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
  • Venue: The Space, 1384 Jadwin Ave., Richland, WA 99352
  • Venue info:
  • Event fee: Free- $4 suggested donation at the door. Food and drinks will be provided by Charcuterie by Bree and Fidélitas Wines.
“Confinement” By: Kori Doran

“Confinement” By: Kori Doran

“Through the macro and micro lens, ‘Confinement’ is a piece made to represent the journey of finding self within the ideas and expectations that others place upon you. The print was experimented with using various colors and mediums, which in itself lent to the examination of how far the boundaries of one can be pushed with different platforms,” -Kori Doran