AG Show Features Inspirational Pink Tractor

AG Show Features Inspirational Pink Tractor

The AG show began today at the TRAC in Pasco.

The show had everything from big machinery to tiny paint swatches.

Including one very pink tractor that’s attracting a lot of attention.

The AG show gives people involved in agriculture a chance to mingle, network, and see what is new in the industry.

“it isn’t just tractors and dirt we’ve got gps peel technology people irrigation people and banks and financial planners so we have the whole gamete of what it takes in agriculture to produce a crop,” said Shane Johnson the event manager.

One of the most interesting pieces at the event is a bright pink tractor.

Northwest Farm Credit Services employees made this tractor themselves in honor of Michael Armstrong, their chief financial officer who passed away from breast cancer.

“He died about 10 years ago very suddenly. He still has a lot of friends within out office so we just wanted to honor him in a big way we have a scholarship with his name on it but this is a big way to honor him and show we haven’t forgotten. We know it effects everyone it doesn’t matter if you’re in a rural community, a city, if you’re male or female it effects everyone and we definitely felt that really hard,” said Jennifer Rohrer of Northwest Farm Credit Services.

The employees decided on a pink tractor because they wanted something that they could bring to shows and parades that could instantly tie breast cancer and agriculture together.